Cryptocurrency, Simplified.

Crypto markets are complicated as they are. Mirhax keeps complexity out of the equation. Purchase Bitcoin with Mirhax’s Comprehensive and secure gateway, and enjoy simplicity, at it’s finest.

Buy BTC via Bank,Credit/Debit Card,local payments

* Due to regulatory limitations, Mirhax will not provide Virtual currency exchange services to Austrian and German Jurisdictions

Simplified, yet innovative.

Benefit from the Cryptosphere with ease, utilizing Mirhax's consistent order-flow.


Secured Orderflow

Mirhax implements the highest security standard available,when interacting with our clients data.


Licensed and Regulated

Mirhax is fully licensed and conducts it's operation in accordance with all regulatory routines and Fraud-prevention obligations.


Created for Simplicity

Comprehensive, yet simplified interface.


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Working Hours

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